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Welcome To the Law Offices of Kristopher K. Rezagholi, PLLC.

The attorneys of The Law Offices of Kristopher K. Rezagholi, PLLC have a proven record of aggressively defending clients against all types of criminal and DUI charges. The Law Offices has the skill, experience, and knowledge to guide you safely through the criminal process. The Law Offices prides itself on not being a typical high volume "mill" firm. Some firms like to get clients in and out as fast as possible, instead our goal is to ensure each client's case get the individual attention it deserves. The Law Offices feels there is no such thing as a routine case, we will dedicate the necessary time and resources to meet your legal needs. You can be confident that if you select The Law Offices of Kristopher K. Rezagholi, PLLC you will have a diligent, aggressive attorney in your corner.

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Why the Law Offices of Kristopher K. Rezagholi, PLLC?

What makes The Law Offices unique, aside from its experience, is that the attorneys you pay your hard earned money to will actually perform work on your case. Many law firms will have you meet with their salesman attorney or "rainmaker," take your money and then assign your case to somebody who does not know the specific facts of your case, or is not qualified to handle your case. At The Law Offices only attorneys, not support staff, will handle the legal aspects of your case and will work on your case until it is completed.

The Firm uses an organized, integrated approach to criminal and DUI defense. Be wary of the firm that takes your money, and makes promises only to continuously fail to meet deadlines. At the Law Offices an attorney, not support staff, will outline your case so you know what to expect throughout the process.

Finally, The Law Offices offers affordable prices and in many cases one time flat fees. We will impose no "add on" fees that several consumer law offices charge and include all services in one quote.

So, if you're facing criminal charges, and you want to know "How do I fight back?" and "How do I make sure I protect my rights?" then call or e-mail The Law Offices at 480-306-8875 or Firm @ lawofficeskkr .com now.

Recent Success

Drug DUI Dismissed 7/14
DUI Reduced to Reckless 6/14
2nd Super Extreme Reduced to 1st Extreme 6/14
DUI Reduced to Reckless 4/14
DUI Reduced to Reckless 3/14
Felony DUI Reduced to misdemeanor 3/14
2nd Offense DUI Dismissed 2/14
Disobey Police Officer Dismissed 2/14
DUI Dismissed 1/14
DUI Dismissed 1/14

Real Time Updates

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